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Are you ready to create more time in your day and become more productive with your real estate transactions? Ready to become a Power Agent in your market?

Partnering with  Elite Escrows Transactional Services to handle all the details of your transaction whether you are representing the seller, buyer or both, Kristin Mandas and her team of real estate virtual assistants and transaction coordinators are here to give you and you clients the services you need and expect.

We will exceed your expectations as well as your clients.

We handle all the details of your real estate transaction to ensure a successful closing. You don’t need to worry about the details since we offer the following and so much more:

  • Create a customized closing checklist just for you
  • Handling all closing documents, securely
  • Take care of all the communication involved in the transaction such as phone calls, emails, scheduling appointments and any other details during the transaction
  • Keep everyone informed of all the details
  • Giving you peace of mind that every step of the transaction is completed on time and professionally

How do we do all of this? We organize all the documents, appointments, tasks and scheduling through various transaction management or CRM programs.  Want to manage your transaction manually?  we can do that as well.

Why use Elite Escrows Transactional Services as your real estate transaction coordinator? We have the experience you need to accomplish your goals and that is to have better communication with all parties involved and offer a smooth transaction that results in a successful closing.

  • We offer you over 25 years of real estate experience
  • We have successfully closed an average of 1,300 transactions since 2001
  • The experience in using some of the top real estate transaction software available
  • Our Transaction Team Coordinator takes pride in handling every detail on your behalf to ensure a positive experience for all parties involved

Still not sure what or how Online Transaction Management (OTM) works?

Online Transaction Management (OTM) allows us to deal directly with the all parties of the transaction. This includes buyers, sellers, co-op agent, title company, and vendors-as your Transaction Coordinator (TC),Elite Escrows Transactional Services represents you and your company as part of your team.

Below is just a sample of what your customized action plan may contain as part of the closing process:

  • Verify all documents are properly executed by all parties.
  • Ensure escrow has been opened and all parties have received the appropriate documents.
  • Follow up on loan approvals.
  • Confirm and verify appraisal has been ordered.
  • Create and maintain calendar of events and detailed task lists.
  • Ensure all disclosures are completed.
  • Schedule and follow up on inspections, walk-through’s, closings, and any other appointments.
  • Monitor compliance with contract terms and deadlines.
  • Coordinate tasks with co-op agent and title company.
  • Upload and disseminate all documents, reports, and disclosures; provide follow-up.

At the close of escrow, you will receive a PDF or Drop Box Link of your completed file. Keep accurate records of every detail on the transaction from under contract to close . We will even mail the transaction to the parties involved on your behalf should you choose.

What are the benefits of Online Transaction Coordination?

  • We offer Online Transaction Coordination to single agents, multiple agents, or Brokers.
  • For Brokers – we offer immediate reporting to you with a comprehensive overview of all transactions in the office at any given time.
  • All parties involved in the transaction can easily access their transaction through a secure password for up-to-the-minute status.
  • Once the transaction is closed we will create a permanent record and audit trail of all documents and actions taken throughout the closing process. Every activity is time stamped and logged for permanent reference. For your records and protection, this can provide an added protection for the agent, broker and the client.
  • By using Online Transaction Coordination your out-of-town buyers and sellers can access their account and view all the details, which cuts down on phone call and emails simply by using their secure login information.
  • Orders can be placed with service providers directly from the Internet-they are able to email the completed reports directly back to the transaction account. Once received we will post notifications to those involved on an as need to know basis.
  • All parties can receive automatic notification whenever a task is completed.

 We are familiar with most Broker required back offices where I upload their docs to their office portals!

Ready to create more time?
Ready to become more organized with your transactions?
Ready to become the Power Agent in your market?

If the answer is YES, then contact us today so we can assist you with your real estate needs.


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